Become a partner

Become a Navigo partner

  • Be part of a community of boaters sharing waterways and boats across Quebec.
  • Generate commission income on all your club’s memberships and boat shares.
  • Benefit from a unique technological platform for managing members, revenues and boats.
  • Promote eco-sharing and water protection.
  • Be part of a dynamic, visible community: press releases, website, sponsorships, social media and search engine optimization.

Become a partner

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Our 3-year vision: a network of waterways,
boats and marinas across Quebec.


Create a fleet of boats owned by Navigo to develop tools and technologies to facilitate the sharing of waterways and lakes, and to simplify navigation and motorboat operation.


Establish a network of partners across Quebec to manage the Navigo community. These partners validate and supervise the community in exchange for generating recurring revenues.


Enable all boat owners to safely share their boats using iOT technology and a mobile application.

Navigo phases over 3 years

A network of members across Quebec

You benefit from revenues generated by the traffic of user members who move from one lake to another.

Shared expertise

All partners come together and share learning to improve the offer and management of members and boats: mechanics, engineers, programmers, marketing specialists, etc.

Unique technology at your disposal

You can register user members and boat owner members in your online Navigo space. Anyone wishing to become a Navigo member must go through a partner to be met and verified to ensure safety and respect for boats and waterways.

Location Bateau rapide au lac North Hatley

With experienced partners in the field, the Navigo group ensures compliance with the rules and values established. What's more, this has the effect of humanizing and increasing the bonds of belonging and the presence of members and partners year after year.

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