Navigo regulations

Safety equipment

Life jackets are provided for each adult passenger.
Children’s vests must be provided by the Navigo member.
You can rent children’s vests at 41 rue Main.


Age and experience requirements

All Navigo members must be at least 25 years old to operate a boat.


Proof of competency required

Proof of competency is required to rent or share a boat. Valid identification such as a driver’s license or passport is also required to validate your identity.

Here are the accepted proofs of competency:

  • Pleasure craft operator card
  • Proof of having successfully completed a boating safety course in Canada before April 1, 1999;
  • A specific marine certificate.


Prerequisite training

All persons wishing to operate a Navigo pleasure craft must have completed the Navigo basic training course.

  • Safety regulations;
  • Safety check;
  • Boat inspection;
  • Departure and mooring at the dock;
  • Respect for the environment;



When members reserve a boat online, they pay in full by credit card.

No refunds or credits will be issued.

Navigo is not responsible for weather changes or late arrival.



A deposit of $1,000 by credit card is automatically deducted from each reservation. The deposit is active on the day of booking and for up to 7 days thereafter.


Late return of reservation

A late fee of $90 per 10 minutes will be charged directly to the primary member’s credit card. Navigo members will be issued a warning. After 3 warnings, Navigo reserves the right to close the member’s account and no longer allow him or her to use the boats. Members assume full responsibility for the reason for their delay.



Navigo does not accept cancellations, regardless of weather conditions or personal circumstances.


Boat fuel

On arrival, the member checks the fuel gauge. When you’ve finished sailing, it’s your responsibility to return the boat to the refueling station. An on-board computer allows you to check whether you have refueled.

Navigo boats are always fully fuelled.

Members who fail to refuel their boats after sailing will be subject to a penalty of $250 and $2.50 per missing liter, as well as a warning.


Water sports

It is strictly forbidden to practice any form of water sports or to pull passengers behind the boat using a rope. Surfing, water-skiing, tripping or any other similar activity is prohibited.


Breakage and cleanliness of boat and equipment

Members are responsible for cleaning their boats at the end of the trip. Members must leave their boats and equipment clean and in good working order. The member must go through the cleaning checklist.

  • Use a broom.
  • Wipe down benches and console.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Change garbage bag and return used bag.

If the boat has been left in a poor state of cleanliness or operation, the member must take a photo and text it to the following address: 819 272-4893.


Lost or stolen items

Navigo accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items aboard the boat.


Before leaving the dock

  • Members must inspect their boats on arrival.
  • If the boat has to pass over a bridge, the member must lower the roof completely, otherwise it will be broken (the value of a roof is $3,000 to $5,000).
  • Raise the engine and check the condition of the propeller. If in doubt, take a photo and text it to 819 272-4893.
  • Check the fuel gauge, which should be full. If not, take a photo and text it to 819 272-4893.
  • Cleanliness (no garbage or dirt in the boat, garbage cans have been picked up). In case of uncleanliness, take a photo and send it to 819 272-4893.
  • Remove mooring lines.
  • Tuck buoys inside boat.


On arrival at the dock

  • Members must moor their boats according to the instructions given during training.
    Take out the buoys and place them on the boat’s mooring hooks according to the method prescribed during Navigo training (link).
  • Place the boat in the same position as it was on arrival. If necessary, consult the photos of each boat’s location (link).
    Moor the boat using the mooring rings on the dock. Make sure that the buoys are properly positioned between the boat and the dock (link).
  • Turn off the engine, return the key to its compartment and turn the battery kill switch to the closed position.
  • Report any breakage or malfunction of the boat or its equipment by text message to 819 272-4893.
  • The member must sweep the boat to ensure that no dirt or debris is left in the boat.
  • Empty the garbage can and take the garbage with you.
  • Replace the entire roof to ensure that the boat is watertight.
  • Remove all passengers from the boat before refuelling.
  • Using the fuel pump (which prevents damage), the member must refuel so that the fuel gauge is full.



Navigo is not responsible for accidents. Each Navigo member is personally responsible for accidents from the moment he or she arrives at the site, on the dock and throughout the use of the boat.

You are fully responsible for your conduct and for any deductible you may have to pay.

The captain and his crew must comply with the regulations and laws in force on navigable waters;
The captain and his crew must pick up after themselves;
Cleaning costs may be charged. Minimum $75.00;
Navigo may be compensated at the rate of $90 per 10 minutes in the event of a delay in returning the reservation.



  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to pull a person on a tube or other;
  • Smoking on board is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN;
  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to cook on board the boat;
  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to leave Canadian waters with the boat;
  • t is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to create a floating island with 2 or more boats (mooring boats together).



  • Avoid boating on the river when leaving the lake, as the risk of hitting the bottom or a stump is very high;
  • Be sure to keep a responsible adult on board at all times, especially when swimming;
  • When people are swimming, the engine must be switched off and the safety switch (near the throttle control) must be in the “Off” position.
  • The boat operator must not exceed the legal alcohol consumption limit of 0.08;
  • Avoid leaving these items on the seats to avoid damaging them;
  • Vary your cruising speed and avoid keeping the engine at full throttle for too long;
  • Always sail at least 100 meters from shore;
  • Be careful when approaching shores and islands;
  • Keep a reasonable distance from other watercraft to avoid damage that could cost you many dollars (e.g., damage to the propeller or the foot of the boat).





By signing this document you grant certain legal rights, including the right to sue in the circumstances described in this agreement.


Please read carefully.

This is a legally binding agreement, so clarify any questions or concerns before signing.

As a tenant of 9476-8785 Québec inc.(Navigo), the undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:



Description of risks

I acknowledge that a pleasure craft has been loaned to me and that I accept the responsibilities thereof. I hereby acknowledge the risks and hazards associated with boating on any body of water. The risks and hazards include, but are not limited to, injuries related to :

  • the danger of falling from a wet floor (onto grass, rocks, the dock or into the boat);
  • danger of drowning if falling out of the boat;
  • collision with another boat;
  • filling the fuel tank;
  • improper use of equipment or mechanical problems with the boat’s equipment.



I hereby confirm that I have read the above regulations and agree to abide by them during my outing.